Magician Bombs on Live Tv – Well not really

I’ve posted in my blog before about Eric Leclerc and his 365 day magic video project on youtube. Eric like many others started such a project but unlike others he has finished it. Well almost finished it. He has two more magic videos to post at the time I write this.

Eric has proven his diversity again with this hilarious video where almost everything goes wrong on his morning television appearance.

Making Magic for ANOTHER Magician?

Tomorrow both myself and another magician ( Peter Mennie ) will both be working behind the scenes in another magicians magic show. The job pays $0 dollars and we are both working to assist and promote a magician who could be considered our competition.  Why would we do such a thing?

ANSWER: Thats what magicians do for the most part. When it comes to a show we will work together to help each other be their best on stage. I have lots of stories of how The Amazing Corbin has supported my shows in the past and saved a few from disaster in the efforts. I’ll save those stories for another post. LOL

The audiences are the real magic.

I recently received a very nice review from a client. So nice to hear that the audience has as much fun watching as I have performing magic for them.

Timothy: Thanks so much for performing your illusions at our event last Saturday evening. What a show!!! It far surpassed my expectations and many
guests told me the same was true for them. I continue to get nice comments about your show. People really enjoyed it – they found it fun and
entertaining, and different from anything they had seen before. You really helped to make the evening memorable for us and for our guests. I will certainly remember you for my next client event, and would be happy to refer you anytime!
Thanks again, Suzanne Denomme

The Perils of performing magic on live tv.

A while back I was asked to perform on a local cable tv show. When performing magic on television it is best to make sure the camera crew know what is going to happen so they can be prepared to get the best shots. For example…. if you are going to make something appear in your hands at a certain moment a close up of your face at the moment instead of where the object appeared is not the idea camera shot. If you are going to make something vanish .. the same goes. It is for this reason that I like request a quick run through of my act for the tv cameras before going live.

One particular show felt this was not necessary and would not take the time to do a dry run through. BIG MISTAKE!  When it came time to go live I was to start the act and there was no music playing. I waited patiently for the music to start and after a minute someone realized the studio speakers were not on so they switched them on and my music came blaring on ( because they had kept turning up the volume ) and was half over. I had to request they start over so I could start from the beginning of the music.

The next act I performed was one I regularly perform for my live corporate magic audiences. I cause several hula hoops to magically link and  unlink. When I perform my own show I wear a wireless headset microphone. The studio I was performing in that day only used wired mics so when it came time for me to step into a hula hoop and pull it up over my head to link it to another…. it got caught on the wire that was connected from my mic to the studio. So much for that act as I had to stop right there with a tangle of wires wrapped up in my hoops. The rest of the show went in a similar fashion.

After the show the producer asked me if we could reshoot the segment so it was correct for the follow up broadcasts. Now that they knew what the act involved … the second taping went flawlessly. A simple run through in the beginning would have prevented this and for that reason I never perform magic  on live television unless the directed has seen a rehearsal or knows my act.

Canada’s Got Talent in Toronto

Magicians Peter Mennie, Amazing Corbin and Timothy Drake took a day off yesterday to attend a taping of Canada’s Got Talent.  Only a week before I had been busy in my workshop racing to finish a magic prop on time so I could be used by one of the magicians on the show. Canada’s Got Talent producers prefer I not mention the magician by name in order to help keep it a surprise until the Got Talent air date.  It was a learning experience to sit in the audience for the shows taping. There was lots of excitement in the air and the judges proved entertaining on many levels. Martin Short shows he can still make canadians proud with both class and comedy. Stephan Mocclo proved to be the ” supportive judge” to young performers who have a dream and Measha Brueggergosman took on the ” mean judge” role normally played by Piers Morgan.

Host Dina Pugllese was rarely seen as her duties were mostly back stage and will be seen more when the show airs.  The odd time she was visible she was very popular with the crowd in attendance.

Canada's Got Talent Ticket in Toronto