Canada’s Got Talent is NOT a real Talent contest.

People often ask me why I didn’t audition for Canada’s Got Talent ( when it taped in Toronto ) which will soon air in Canada on CTV. America’s got talent has boosted the careers of many magicians in the US so why not try out for the Canadian version?????

The answer is quite simple really. The show is very entertaining but it is not a real talent contest. It’s quite fake actually. Its a modern day Gong Show that features some good talent but also highlights the bizarre and hilariously bad talent for the amusement of audiences. Think about it… of all the thousands who audition and don’t make it on the show….. some silly act that shows NO talent at all does?????  Are the producers saying that person is more talented than the thousands that didn’t make it? The real reason is that it makes good television.  I can’t fault them for that. However… the point must be made that the show is about ” good television moments ” and not a real search for talent.

Canada’s Got Talent ( just like Americas’s Got Talent ) reserves the right to edit your appearance in ANY way they see fit. This is true even if it does not represent what really happened. I can only speak from my own knowledge and about acts I know but I have seen unfair editing done way to many times.  Example:  A comedian has an act where he is a poor magician who refuses to accept the fact that the can’t levitate. Its a funny routine but America’s Got Talent only showed a few seconds of his act making it LOOK LIKE he was an actual magician who had an accident on stage and failed. Clips of his act are now all over YouTube under ” Magician Fail” or ” Bad AGT Magician ” .  Similar editing has also happened to many of my friends in the magic industry.

The show is cleverly staged to maximize and create drama. Again… good television but not a real talent contest. Notice how when the judges results are read it always is delivered in a certain order as a  “YES….NO…….. and then YES” ….. or …. “NO….YES……..then NO”…etc. It is never a ” NO……NO….YES” because the suspense is gone once we know two judges have voted a NO. The producers specifically want us to wait until that last minute. That as I said earlier makes good television but if its a real contest then how is it that the producers know which judge will say yes and which will say know in order to decide who speaks in which order??????  Hmmmmmmm

My act is also not one of the acts that can win an audience over in 90 seconds. I need to build a relationship with my audiences and that doesn’t happen in 90 seconds. I will watch Canada’s Got Talent when it airs March 4 and will wish all my friends who participated in it good luck. I will watch it but just not in hopes the best talent will end up the winner. 😉


London Magician Peter Mennie

Yesterday I travelled with fellow Magician Peter Mennie to Listowel, Ontario where he performed a family show at the Theatre Three Eleven. After a 90 minute drive and conversation on the art of magic and illusion we arrived and set up.. or maybe I should say.. ” Peter set up “. He’s done it thousands of times so I let him do his thing while I scoped out the theatre to find the best locations to shoot video from.  I also took a few photos both before and after the well received show.

Magician Peter Mennie sets up before a Magic Show.

Magician Peter Mennie signs autographs.