Still Zaney After All These Years

This summer  Timothy Drake the Magician will step back to his roots as Timothy Drake the film maker. Every magician has a magician who inspired his magic or influenced him in one way or another creatively. For many magicians and illusionists that  magician was Walter Zaney Blaney. Walter is known in the magic world for both his corporate stand up act and his inventions that made the world of magic and illusion an easier place for performers.

Over the next few months Drake will be editing a documentary filmed by fellow illusionist Ryan Joyce. Ryan and Timothy visited many of magics elite performers during a visit to Las Vegas NV. Below is a snippet of that footage from the upcoming documentary called ” Still Zaney After All  These Years” This clip features Magician Jeff Hobson speaking about Walter Blaney.

Toronto Wedding Magician Timothy Drake

Its June in Toronto and that means its Wedding Season for Toronto Wedding Magician Timothy Drake. Timothy who specializes in corporate magic and entertainment at special events in Toronto finds that in recent years the demand for quality yet original entertainment at weddings in Toronto is on the rise. Timothy Drakes wedding package includes magic and illusions specifically chosen from his act best suited for family audiences and weddings. The show features many illusions which include several members of the wedding party as volunteers. Its a show that neither wedding guests or the bride and groom will ever forget.

Wedding Magician in Toronto and GTA

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performs for the bride!

“A phenomenal find! I couldn’t find a magician that was available, good, and non-creepy until I found Tim! Tim is actually an illusionist, but, hey, he did tricks so he’s a magician to me! I hired him solely based on his web site and he did not disappoint! The guests loved him! He was easy to work with, prompt, and went above and beyond what we’d agreed to. Because he had a minimum 2 hour booking to travel, but I only needed him for an hour and a half during cocktails, he said he’d stay and do a special trick for me and one for my dad right before dinner. Well, we ran a bit behind and didn’t want to hold dinner up so he stayed until everyone was settled in with their dinner to do the tricks. Far beyond the 2 hour mark. And his tricks were fantastic. I participated in one where he folded a napkin into a rose and then proceeded to have me control it as it floated in mid-air! I didn’t know what was going on! He then did one with my dad the end result being my dad’s shirt disappearing! Hilarious! Honestly, a great illusionist and a fantastic guy! 10/10”
Review posted on The Frugal Bride

“Timothy told us we would remember his attendance at our wedding for the rest of our lives, and he was right! Our guests were thoroughly surprised and entertained for his entire performance, from his table side illusions to his stage performance. Many of our vendors reminded us what wedding guests remember more than centerpieces and appetizers is the entertainment and let me tell you, we would really recommend hiring Timothy for your event instead of getting those extra linens or crab cakes! It wasn’t “creepy magic”, kids birthday party magic” nor was Tim tired of what he did. My uncle commented he seemed as excited to perform for us as we were to watch him. I’m very happy with my decision to give Timothy a call.”

Neil Mohan, Groom