Magic Consultant for Live Theatre, Television and Special Events in Southwestern Ontario, Canada – Illusionist Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a corporate entertainer in Toronto and across southwestern Ontario. Drake is the creator of several special effects and illusions used in live theatre, press releases, product launches and trade shows. Timothy has vanished 7 people at once, developed special effects for the Shriners Haunted Mansion, levitated a SUV for GM and designed custom holographic projections that seem to float in mid air.

In addition to the performance of magic and the development of new illusions for his own magic show Drake acts as magic consultant for other magicians in North America, CBC Television and for live theatre events. Recently Timothy Drake had the immense honour of acting as magic consultant for the 2013 Fashion Show titled PRESTIGE…. A Journey of Illusions. The show was an immense success due to the efforts of over 100 dedicated University of Western Ontario Students and other participants who produced the show. PRESTIGE raised over $25,000 for a London Ontario Children’s Charity.

Timothy Drake performs his own magic and illusion show at special events in Canadian cities across Ontario. Recent shows include performances in Guelph, Sarnia, Collingwood, Brampton, Mississauaga, North York, Newmarket, Scarborough, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Markham and Windsor.

Magic consultant and Illusionist Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake with the cast of Prestige.. A Journey of Illusions

Tillsonburg Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake travels across South Western Ontario performing magic and illusion shows for corporate functions and special events. Drake most often performs his unique style of magic as after dinner entertainment at corporate events and parties.

Timothy Drake enjoys bringing some laughter to the table in his magic shows. Magic volunteers who are brave enough to assist during the show are treated to both amazing magic and illusion but also a lot of laughs. In this photo Drake  entertains a volunteer during a holiday party corporate magic show in Tillsonburg Ontario.

Magician Timothy Drake - Toronto

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performing in Tillsonburg Ontario

Guelph Magician – Timothy Drake , Corporate Holiday Show

Magician Timothy Drake had the recent pleasure of performing his magic and illusion show at the Cutten Club located at Cutten Fields in Guelph Ontario. Timothy is a corporate magician who entertains at special and corporate events  across Canada but mostly in Ontario cities including Toronto, London, Cambridge, Sarnia, Guelph, Kitchener and throughout South Western Ontario. Drake‘s  show includes magic illusions and effects both large and small but all are guaranteed to delight. It starts with the volunteer on stage says Drake. Guests on stage are never embarrassed but rather made the stars of the show.

Magician in Guelph Ontario - Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake performs in Guelph Ontario


Magician in London Ontario – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is an corporate entertainer in the London Ontario to Toronto and GTA area. Timothy performs his magic and illusion as after dinner entertainment at corporate banquets and special events across Ontario. Drakes magic show has been seen in Ontario cities like London, Ottawa, Sarnia, Guelph, Kitchener, Mississauga and Toronto including the GTA.

Magician in London Ontario

Magician Timothy Drake shares a laugh during a magic show near London Ontario

Stratford Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a corporate illusionist who performs across Canada including Toronto, the GTA, London, Kitchener, Guelph or anywhere else in Ontario. Recently Timothy Drake performed his magic show in Stratford Ontario Canada.

Stratford Ontario Magician Timothy Drake

Magic Show in Stratford Ontario

Magician in London Ontario – Illusionist Timothy Drake

Corporate Magician Timothy Drake performs his magic across Canada but primarily in South Western Ontario including Toronto, London, Cambridge, Stratford, Hamilton, Sarnia and many others. Drake performs at corporate banquets and special events as after dinner entertainment. His magic and illusion show is sure to mystify and delight all.

Magician in London Ontario

London Magician Timothy Drake

Magician in Toronto – Illusionist Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake presents a style of magic and illusion like no other. Drake magic show is a class act. His illusions contain a blend of magic, illusion, storytelling, theatre, drama and have dusting of comedy. The act includes a lot of audience interaction which results in some comedic moments and some pretty astonished faces for those who participate on stage as often the magic happens in their very hands. He performs primarily in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA but also across Canada.

Timothy has developed many original magical effects for corporations across canada to be used in press releases or trade shows. He is one of the few magicians in Toronto who specialize in entertainment for corporate audiences.

Drake is also the creator or Trade Show Holograms. A company that builds, sells and rents 3D Holographic projectors for trade shows and special events.

Toronto Magician

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Corporate Magician Entertainer in Toronto – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake specializes as a corporate entertainer in Toronto and the GTA for corporate audiences of all sizes. Timothy presents an illusion and magic show that offers a blend of magic and illusion with touch of drama, comedy and story telling. Audience participation plays a big part in Timothy’s corporate magic show as it’s Drakes way of connecting to his audience. Drakes after dinner banquet show is perfect for any corporate event or banquet in the Toronto area including as entertainment for company christmas parties in Toronto.

Magician Timothy Drake also designs and develops special effects for corporate press events and trade shows.

Corporate Magician in Toronto Ontario

Toronto Corporate Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performs a wide variety of magic and illusion for audiences of all sizes in the Toronto and GTA as well as across Canada. Drake performs his live magic shows in Toronto for corporate and special events. His 60 minute banquet show is often featured as after dinner entertainment at corporate dinners as well as private parties. Timothy also creates custom magical special effects for corporate press events and trade shows.

Magician in Toronto, Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake performs on stage in Toronto.

Another Giant Hologram Projection featured at Press Conference

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake created a custom holographic projector for a special event press conference in Toronto Ontario. The holographic presentation included a 3D illusion displaying special effects to announce the expansion of China Unicom Corporation into the Canadian Market. Drake has been providing custom special effects and illusion for    corporate events and promotions for over 15 years. The holographic effect was first used by Drake  in his Shriners Haunted Mansion project to project life sized ghostly images.

Large 3D Hologram Projection

Large Hologram projected in mid air.

Large Sized Holograpic Projection

Extra Large Hologram Projection

Holographic Projections Times Two

It proved to be a very busy summer for Magician Timothy Drake as he raced to complete two separate holographic projector kiosks in his workshop. Both holographic exhibits were commissioned by corporations who purchased them to exhibit at several trade shows. Drake Entertainment Inc, parent company of Trade Show Holograms designed and constructed the hologram projectors pictured below.

Holographic Projection

3D Holographic Images

3D Holographic Projector

3D Hologram projection

Holographic Projection

3D Hologram floats in mid air.

Still Zaney After All These Years

This summer  Timothy Drake the Magician will step back to his roots as Timothy Drake the film maker. Every magician has a magician who inspired his magic or influenced him in one way or another creatively. For many magicians and illusionists that  magician was Walter Zaney Blaney. Walter is known in the magic world for both his corporate stand up act and his inventions that made the world of magic and illusion an easier place for performers.

Over the next few months Drake will be editing a documentary filmed by fellow illusionist Ryan Joyce. Ryan and Timothy visited many of magics elite performers during a visit to Las Vegas NV. Below is a snippet of that footage from the upcoming documentary called ” Still Zaney After All  These Years” This clip features Magician Jeff Hobson speaking about Walter Blaney.

Large Sized Hologram Projector exhibited at Trade Show

Back in 1977 when I was bitten by the Star Wars bug the imagery of the Princess Leia Hologram really impressed me. Little did I know that Holograms would be such a large part of my career. As a corporate magician have designed many an illusion or special effect for corporations across North America but the Trade Show Hologram effect has  been the most popular. Recently I returned to the Space Symposium Trade Show held in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. I had created a small hologram display for Northrop Grumman back in 2007 and in 2012 Boeing asked me to build them a very large display to show off their new 702 series of small platform satellites. The holographic satellite floating in mid air was 10 ft across from end to end. Not exactly a life sized hologram but all the booth space would allow. 😉 It was probably my favourite of all the holograms I have created as it looked so cool floating in front of a background of stars.

Large Sized Hologram Projection

Large Scale Hologram at Trade Show

Large Sized 3D Hologram Display

For many years magician Timothy Drake utilized a 3D Holographic project effect at the Shriners Haunted Mansion to created the virtual ghost special effects seen wandering its spooky halls. The illusion of objects floating in mid air is created for the viewer. That special effect eventually found its way into multiple trade shows across North America. Recently Toronto Magician Timothy Drake was asked to recreate that effect but in a much larger scale for a corporate client in Ottawa, Ontario. Objects up to 10 feet wide appeared, floated and vanished in mid air.  Fellow London Magician Peter Mennie joined Timothy in Ottawa for the two day build. It proved a very large ( pardon the pun) success.

What to do? What to do?

Several years ago I was backstage only minutes until I went on stage to perform my magic act at a corporate event and as I quickly changed I noticed that I had not packed my black dress socks. I wear a somewhat gothic style tux when I perform and going on stage with a black tuxedo and white socks was NOT going to happen. Worse still off course would be wearing no socks. What to do ? What to do?  A quick inquiry with the events DJ revealed he carried a roll of black gaffers tape ( sort of like a duct tape made of cloth) in his road case.  I put the white socks on and  then quickly wrapped my ankles in black gaffers tape so the odd time my pant leg lifted above my show only black could be seen and it would look like I was wearing black socks.  It worked perfectly. Oh the glory of showbiz! 😉  To this day since then I always make sure to pack black socks before I leave for a show.

So the next time someone tells you to watch a magicians hands very closely … you might want to take a closer look at his ankles as well. LOL

Holographic Trade Show Display

In addition to performing at corporate functions and special events in across Canada, Magician Timothy Drake also designs  builds custom special effects and illusions for corporations in North America. Here is a holographic trade show display featured at a past trade show. Drake has designed several sizes and variations of this particular effect that have been seen across both the USA and Canada.

Magician Timothy Drake performing at corporate banquet in Toronto.

Magicians normally don’t allow video taping at my shows but in this day of iphones its pretty hard to control. At a recent corporate banquet show I performed in Toronto an audience member recorded a segment of my show and then sent it to me. I enjoyed watching it and listening to the audience reaction so I posted it on youtube. Listen closely and you will hear someone in the audience banging their fist on their table in laughter.

Year 2 of the Shriners Haunted Mansion

2000 was the second year of the annual Shriners Haunted Mansion in London. The local tv news stopped by to visit and do some coverage for the evening news. In this video you’ll see the a very different Haunted Mansion than we ended up with. It was year 2 and everything we had fit into my garage and one semi trailer. We ended up with 5 semi trailers full in later years.  You’ll also see a much younger Timothy Drake. LOL

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars

When I a kid Star Wars was the “new movie on the block” and not the franchise it is today. If you wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween you couldn’t go down to a place like McCullochs Costume to get a nice professional costume including Vaders mask. Back in 1978 you couldn’t buy one so you had to MAKE one.  This is a photo I am sort of embarrassed to post as it looks pretty rough by todays standards but back then I thought it looked pretty cool. The Darth Vader Helmet was paper mache and took a long time to get just right. I had to leave the eye holes open so I could see while trick or treating. I actually won first place in a costume contest for this costume as it had a lot of detail you can’t see properly in the photo. Also in the photo was my version of Chewbacca based on the fact that I was a kid and couldn’t afford much of the fur needed or for that matter.. the right colour. LOL  Look closely and you’ll also see the R2D2 robot I built. Its head turned and a little trap door in its side opened to reveal a working model of the data port access arm R2 used so often in the movies.

Darth Vader Costume

My in my hand built Darth Vader Costume in 1978

Magician Timothy Drake performs for City Tv

During the summer City Tv in Toronto held a viewer appreciation day and asked me to perform. My segment aired very early in the morning on Breakfast Television in front of a live crowd at Dundas Square in Toronto so I arrived a bit before the sun came up to be ready for the show.

Thanks to the fine people at Rogers and City Tv for this great opportunity. It was a blast.

Magician Timothy Drake performs in Toronto

Magician Timothy Drake performs for City Tv in Toronto

A trip back to 1999

Back in 1999 I built the first ever Shriners Haunted Mansion. It was quite small compared to the monster it became. It was located at the Oxbury Mall in London Ontario and was my first attempt of mixing some of my favourite things together. ( Magic and Halloween ).Here is some tv news coverage from that very first year.

Close but no COVER.

Some things in the magic world just don’t make sense. Back in 2005 I was asked to submit and article written on and about the Shriners Haunted Mansion project I had built for the last several years. It was to be featured on the October Issue of Linking Ring Magazine ( a popular magicians magazine )  They wanted to feature the article for the October issues for a Halloween theme. I wrote the article and sent in several photos including one specifically taken to be used as a cover shot.  I wasn’t promised the cover but had hoped to get it because the article I wrote was to be the feature article that month. Making the cover is considered an honour in the magic industry. Fellow magician and friend Ryan Joyce is a talented photographer and agreed to take the shot. We were both very happy with how it turned out. We wanted it to look magical and spooky for Halloween. I think we hit the mark.

When the magazine came out it turned out they went with a photo of another performer  who had also been featured in that months issue. His article was a 3 page black and white spread compared to my 7 page colour spread so it surprised me to see the editors choice. The other performer was Steve Dacri a well known and popular magician and I immediately emailed him and teased him about STEALING MY COVER. It became a running joke between us for years as every time I met him I’d remind him that he stole the cover from me. At our last meeting I asked Steve if he’d sign the cover for me if I mailed him a copy. His response was… ” Only if you quite bugging me about it!” 😉  Steve passed away from cancer before I was able to have him sign it. He will be missed by many in the magic world.

I got a surprise about a year later when I got a special package in the mail. It was a trophy! It was the Howard Bammon Award from Linking Ring Magazine for ” Best Article of the year” for the story I contributed that earlier October. I was honoured and quite happy about the entire thing.

Howard Bammon Award

" Best Article of 2005" Linking Ring Magazine's Howard Bammon Award

No Photos or Videotaping … PLEASE!

If you have ever heard magicians or illusionists ask you to not video tape or photograph their show … it is for a reason. The art of magic is all about fooling your senses and especially about fooling your eyes. Photos and video have the ability to expose the secrets of magic and thus are not welcomed by many magicians. Here is a secret my own camera exposed. This spinning buzz saw attraction at the Shriners Haunted Mansion in London proved to be a lot of fun but had to be retired after two years because some people were simply too afraid to pass through it. The illusion appeared to be large spinning buzz saws with sharp teeth that would come out of the walls at random times and threaten your safety as you walked down the corridor. It was in fact very safe but some visitors were frightened by the look of those giant blades. Here, with the aid of a motion stopping flash you can look closely and see that the blades were really only painted on and the discs were really smoothed edged in case you did get touched by them. When the blades were spinning you eye would not be able to see this and you would instead see only the teeth of the saw blade.

Giant Buzz Saw Blades

Haunted Mansion Buzz Saw Blades


With Summer now a memory we are entering fall and I am dreading the return of the terrible white stuff. Call it white and fluffy and attach any Christmas memories to it but the fact remains that it’s a magicians nemesis. Many times I’ve come very close to having some serious accidents driving to and from shows on snow covered roads of Ontario in the winter. Such is life in Canada.

Back in 2005 a fundraising show I was hired to do was to take place on a Sunday Morning. I don’t know why they expected people to turn out for a magic show at 10:30 am but the client did and the client is always right so it was ON WITH THE SHOW.

Of course Mother Nature had different plans and dropped a blizzard on us in the early AM hrs blocking most roads for miles. Attendance for that show topped a whopping 25 people who braved the storm. We had seating for 275.  Not one of my more happy shows I can tell you that. 😉 But the show DID go on and thats what matters. We still had fun.

After the show I decided to mark the occasion and take a photo that I could look back and laugh at some day. Ryan Joyce was a special guest at that show and posed in this photo with me.

Timothy Drake and Ryan Joyce

Two Magicians who CAN'T make the snow disappear.

Magician Timothy Drake levitates Elvis Stojko

This picture was taken in about 1996. Canadian Icon and figure skater Elvis Stojko agreed to let me levitate him for a publicity shot this was way before Youtube folks ) to be used for an upcoming fundraiser. He was certain a good sport to do so. I have to laugh when I look at the old tux I performed in then. That was before I adopted the more gothic tux that created the  Timothy Drake audiences see now.

Magician Timothy Drake

Elvis Stojko is levitated by Magician Timothy Drake

Criss Angel Spoof Video

Criss Angel. Now there is a name I am sure you have heard of. Criss Angel became a household name a few years ago from his television show Mindfreak. The amazing magic he APPEARED to do in front of unrehearsed people on the streets of Las Vegas shot him to fame quickly. Criss Angels use of camera tricks to accomplish these amazing feats of magic has been hotly debated among professional magicians in the industry. Some feel camera tricks are simply another tool of magic to fool an audience and others feel its not real performance if you are using cameras to do what skill, misdirection and sleight of hand normally do. Only time will tell.

When the Canadian Association of Magicians held their bi-annual CAM convention Illusionist Ryan Joyce was asked to headline the gala evening theatre show for magicians. Ryans opening illusion required him to start the show with a video so Ryan thought it might be fun to make a video that magicians would get a laugh out of. When you are  going to do something that will delight some magicians and upset others you want to be able to share both the blame and the credit with someone and in this case Ryan chose me.. Timothy Drake.

Both Ryan and I are Apple/Mac users and we both enjoyed the now famous MAC vs PC ads on television. If you aren’t familiar with them search ” mac ads” on youtube and you’ll find them. We decided to use that Mac vs Pc format to produce a Criss Angel Spoof ( making fun of the camera tricks, wardrobe, language and fan base ) to introduce Ryans first illusion of the evening. The video you are about to see was scripted, shot and edited in 24 hrs. With only very short notice I hurried down to McCullochs Costume and assembled the closest I could get to Criss Angels wardrobe.  I personally think look as much like Alice Cooper in this video as I do Criss Angel but thats another story.


Timothy Drake meets Arnold Schwarzenegger….NOT!

“Come to California” they say. “Come to Universal Studios and help us with a special project” they say. “You’ll get to meet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and get a picture with him” they say.

So I’m thinking…. Gee a photo with Arnold Schwarxenegger..that would make a great promotional photo and I agree. The governor was going to tour a trade show that I had developed an effect for and that would be my chance for the photo. At the very least I’d get a great photo of him watching my special effect do its magic. That would also be good… right?

Well… it came time for Arnold to tour the trade show and security ushered everyone out of the building before the governor entered and exhibitors were NOT allowed in. This lousy photo of Arnold as he was quickly walking past to enter the exhibit hall was all I got.

Can you spot him? You’ll have to look close. 😉

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly passes by.

Vanishing Illusion at the Western Fair Grandstand in London

We had a lot of fun with this illusion at London’s annual Western Fair several years ago. I was given the opportunity to perform on the Western Fair Grandstand stage and wanted to do something BIG. I decided to vanish 7 people at once. I chose 7 local celebrities and Audience members were chosen by lottery draw to come on stage and act as audience witnesses.

Rotating Tunnel Illusion at the Shriners Haunted Mansion

One of the most popular attractions at the Shriners Haunted Mansion was the Rotating Tunnel Illusion. It was almost impossible to walk through it without loosing your balance. Here are some photos of it being built along with a video of people trying to walk through it.

The Rotating Tunnel Illusion at the Shriners Haunted Mansion during construction.

A side shot of the mechanism that made the tunnel rotate.

Black Beauty

About the 3rd or 4th year I did the Shriners Haunted Mansion we got a call from some very nice people who owned a junkyard ( or.. auto recycling yard as they call them these days ). They had this very nice car that they thought we might like to have as gift for the Haunted Mansion. They were RIGHT!

Black Beauty as I found her

There was one little problem. The hearse had been junked in the first place because the front end had been burned off. Now that is not a problem for a determined illusionist who has friends who can weld! The junk yard ( er… ah.. auto recycling people ) gave us the front end of a Lincoln to weld onto the back end of our Cadillac. We called the finished product a Clinkon but more affectionately called her Black Beauty. Below you can see the before and after pics.

Two Cars become one.

I can’t find any photos of the car in the Mansion but I do have this one of its driver.

Everyone was just dying to drive Black Beauty.

My first attempt at becoming a Mad Scientist

I was in Grade 6 for this one. His name was Gore. I named him after the robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still ( my first Sci Fi film ever) I got the name wrong though. LOL The robot in that film was actually named Gort. This was the days before videotape and I had only seen the film once and never caught the name properly. I won first prize for him so I guess the name didn’t matter.
Its ALIVE..... ALIIIIIVE!!!!!!  Hahahahahahaha