Magical Booking Dates for Holiday Events in Toronto

As a corporate magician in Toronto, one of my busy booking seasons is the Christmas season when toronto corporations  and event planners are looking for illusionists as entertainment at their holiday or year end party. I’m am sure its the same for most entertainers as well as for magicians in toronto but each year there are always one or two dates on the calendar that I call ” magic dates”. Magic Dates are the dates that for some reason ( because the stars all aligned or whatever ) that every client wants. Usually I will hear from a client months in advance on a certain date. Once it is booked I will hear from numerous other clients all wanting the very same date. Not the day before or the day after but the very same date. This year I turned the same date down at least 10 times but true to the formula never got a single call for the day before or the day after. In a perfect world some of those I heard from would be hosting their event on either the day before or after to help fill my calendar but for some reason that never happens once a ” magic date” is set in stone.

So a helpful hint to any future clients who may be considering hiring entertainment at a special event in Toronto during the busy Christmas holiday season…. BOOK EARLY if you want to be the winner of the ” magic date” and be sure of getting a quality entertainer for your event.

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