Large Sized Hologram Projector exhibited at Trade Show

Back in 1977 when I was bitten by the Star Wars bug the imagery of the Princess Leia Hologram really impressed me. Little did I know that Holograms would be such a large part of my career. As a corporate magician have designed many an illusion or special effect for corporations across North America but the Trade Show Hologram effect has  been the most popular. Recently I returned to the Space Symposium Trade Show held in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. I had created a small hologram display for Northrop Grumman back in 2007 and in 2012 Boeing asked me to build them a very large display to show off their new 702 series of small platform satellites. The holographic satellite floating in mid air was 10 ft across from end to end. Not exactly a life sized hologram but all the booth space would allow. 😉 It was probably my favourite of all the holograms I have created as it looked so cool floating in front of a background of stars.

Large Sized Hologram Projection

Large Scale Hologram at Trade Show

New Shriners Haunted Mansion Website for 2011

Now that I am looking at options to bring back the Shriners Haunted Mansion to London for 2012, I decided a good starting point would be to get rid of the outdated website that I built in 2004 and put up something a bit more modern so today I quickly assembled a new one and posted it. Eventually I will add more to it but its not bad for a few hrs work I think. It inlcudes a blog that will update past Haunted Mansion guests on progress of bringing it back for 2012.

Shriners Haunted Mansion in London Ontario

The 2011 Shriners Haunted Mansion Website

You can visit the new website here.