Ontario Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake having fun with show volunteers.

South Western Ontario Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake never lets a moment of fun pass by without making it part of the entertainment factor in his corporate event or family event shows in Toronto and across Ontario. Quite often during Drakes magical performance moments of silliness break out and the Toronto Illusionist is not afraid to let them run their course. This photo taken in Brampton Ontario reflects some of those hilarious moments.

Comedy Magician in Ontario Canada.

Clean Comedy Magician Timothy Drake has some fun with magic show volunteers on stage.

Magician in Windsor – Corporate Magician Timothy Drake

Windsor Magician Timothy Drake offers professional entertainment for corporate and special events across southwestern ontario Canada. This corporate entertainer in Toronto offers a blend of magic, illusion, drama, comedy and audience participation in his after dinner show  played at corporate banquets, dinners and special events.

As a professional Illusionist Drake entertains audiences of all sizes, backgrounds and ages. The show is fit for both corporate and family audiences. Drake performs across Ontario and recent shows have included magic performances in Toronto, the GTA, Scarborough, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, London, Sarnia and Windsor Ontario.

Magician in Windsor Timothy Drake

Windsor Magician Timothy Drake performs a levitation with an audience member.

Magician Timothy Drake – Pull up a chair and enjoy the magic.

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake makes entertaining his corporate audiences his primary goal when performing his magic and illusion show at special events across Ontario. Quite often Timothy performs his banquet show as after dinner entertainment in a large room where guests seated at the back of the room will not be able to experience the show 100% as the guests seated at the front are blocking their view. Drake always takes time at the beginning of the show to  invite guests to move their chairs forward so they may see the magic up close.  He warns then that when the magic starts happening they are going to end up standing on their chairs or at least standing up to get a better view so …. please move your chairs now. For some reason that still remains a mystery to the magician…. guests rarely are willing to move their chairs.  This photo is the result. Next time…. please trust the performer when he tells you what will make the experience more enjoyable for you. Its his job. 😉

Magician Timothy Drake performing in Ingersoll Ontario

Audience member tries to get a better view of the magic of Timothy Drake.

Tillsonburg Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake travels across South Western Ontario performing magic and illusion shows for corporate functions and special events. Drake most often performs his unique style of magic as after dinner entertainment at corporate events and parties.

Timothy Drake enjoys bringing some laughter to the table in his magic shows. Magic volunteers who are brave enough to assist during the show are treated to both amazing magic and illusion but also a lot of laughs. In this photo Drake  entertains a volunteer during a holiday party corporate magic show in Tillsonburg Ontario.

Magician Timothy Drake - Toronto

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performing in Tillsonburg Ontario

Guelph Magician – Timothy Drake , Corporate Holiday Show

Magician Timothy Drake had the recent pleasure of performing his magic and illusion show at the Cutten Club located at Cutten Fields in Guelph Ontario. Timothy is a corporate magician who entertains at special and corporate events  across Canada but mostly in Ontario cities including Toronto, London, Cambridge, Sarnia, Guelph, Kitchener and throughout South Western Ontario. Drake‘s  show includes magic illusions and effects both large and small but all are guaranteed to delight. It starts with the volunteer on stage says Drake. Guests on stage are never embarrassed but rather made the stars of the show.

Magician in Guelph Ontario - Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake performs in Guelph Ontario


Magician Timothy Drake – Corporate Entertainer in Ontario

Magician Timothy Drake is a Corporate Entertainer who performs at various special events and banquets as after dinner entertainment in Ontario. Timothy entertains audiences across Ontario including shows in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Cambridge, Stratford, London, the GTA and anywhere else across in the south western ontario area. Drakes magic show features not only some amazing original magic and illusions but also includes some audience participation that is sure to delight. Making the audience part of the magic is important to Drake as the Toronto Magician knows what it takes give them an experience they will not forget.

Timothy Drake Magician in Ontario Canada

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake jokes with an audience member during a show in Tiverton Ontario.

Magician in London Ontario – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is an corporate entertainer in the London Ontario to Toronto and GTA area. Timothy performs his magic and illusion as after dinner entertainment at corporate banquets and special events across Ontario. Drakes magic show has been seen in Ontario cities like London, Ottawa, Sarnia, Guelph, Kitchener, Mississauga and Toronto including the GTA.

Magician in London Ontario

Magician Timothy Drake shares a laugh during a magic show near London Ontario

Stratford Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a corporate illusionist who performs across Canada including Toronto, the GTA, London, Kitchener, Guelph or anywhere else in Ontario. Recently Timothy Drake performed his magic show in Stratford Ontario Canada.

Stratford Ontario Magician Timothy Drake

Magic Show in Stratford Ontario

London Ontario Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a magician and illusionist who performs at corporate banquets and special events across Ontario Canada including Toronto, London, the GTA, Brampton, Sarnia and any other city in South Western Ontario. Timothy performs original magic and illusions rarely seen by Ontario audiences. The magic show is interactive and often involves  audience participation. Drake’s show is featured as after dinner entertainment throughout Canada and Ontario.

Drakes London roots go back to 1999 when he created the Shriners Haunted Mansion for the London Shrine Club.

London Ontario Magician

Magician in London Ontario

Magician in London Ontario – Illusionist Timothy Drake

Corporate Magician Timothy Drake performs his magic across Canada but primarily in South Western Ontario including Toronto, London, Cambridge, Stratford, Hamilton, Sarnia and many others. Drake performs at corporate banquets and special events as after dinner entertainment. His magic and illusion show is sure to mystify and delight all.

Magician in London Ontario

London Magician Timothy Drake

Magician in Toronto – Illusionist Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake presents a style of magic and illusion like no other. Drake magic show is a class act. His illusions contain a blend of magic, illusion, storytelling, theatre, drama and have dusting of comedy. The act includes a lot of audience interaction which results in some comedic moments and some pretty astonished faces for those who participate on stage as often the magic happens in their very hands. He performs primarily in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA but also across Canada.

Timothy has developed many original magical effects for corporations across canada to be used in press releases or trade shows. He is one of the few magicians in Toronto who specialize in entertainment for corporate audiences.

Drake is also the creator or Trade Show Holograms. A company that builds, sells and rents 3D Holographic projectors for trade shows and special events.

Toronto Magician

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake has been providing Canada’s top corporations with entertainment solutions for over 15 years. Illusion and the Magical Arts has been the focus for Timothy all of his life. Since childhood he has always strived to create ” magic ” through a wide range of custom creations and inventions.

Original magic effects are highlighted in Timothy’s shows from the most intimate of close up magic to the grandest of stage illusions. He performs primarily in Toronto, Ontario and  the GTA performing his unique banquet (after dinner) act for corporate, private and special events across Canada.

He has also developed award winning custom illusions, special effects and displays for corporate clients including floating a car and Vanishing 7 people at once!
Timothy serves as Magic & Illusion Consultant to other illusionists in both Canada and the USA as well as CBC Television. His contributions to magic design have been used worldwide by other performers in their shows. He has won awards for both his custom illusions as well as written contributions to Magic industry publications.

Magician in Toronto

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician and Toronto Illusionist Timothy Drake

Corporate Magician in Toronto Ontario

Corporate Magician Entertainer in Toronto – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake specializes as a corporate entertainer in Toronto and the GTA for corporate audiences of all sizes. Timothy presents an illusion and magic show that offers a blend of magic and illusion with touch of drama, comedy and story telling. Audience participation plays a big part in Timothy’s corporate magic show as it’s Drakes way of connecting to his audience. Drakes after dinner banquet show is perfect for any corporate event or banquet in the Toronto area including as entertainment for company christmas parties in Toronto.

Magician Timothy Drake also designs and develops special effects for corporate press events and trade shows.

Corporate Magician in Toronto Ontario

Toronto Corporate Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performs a wide variety of magic and illusion for audiences of all sizes in the Toronto and GTA as well as across Canada. Drake performs his live magic shows in Toronto for corporate and special events. His 60 minute banquet show is often featured as after dinner entertainment at corporate dinners as well as private parties. Timothy also creates custom magical special effects for corporate press events and trade shows.

Magician in Toronto, Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake performs on stage in Toronto.

The Magic of Connecting with an Audience

As a professional magician in the Toronto, GTA and across Canada, Illusionist Timothy Drake knows that of all the high priced special effects and illusions he may use in his magic shows the most powerful tool of all is the ability to connect with an audience. For a magic show audience to drop their guard and really enjoy the illusions they have to share a connection with the performer.

Drake performs his magic show and illusions at corporate and special events in Toronto and surrounding areas. He also travels the country performing as well as develops special effects for corporate trade shows.

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Audience Reaction, Magician Timothy Drake

Company Christmas Party Entertainment in Toronto

When it comes to the month of October the holiday most people think of is of course Halloween. However the holiday Toronto companies should be thinking of now is Christmas. The Company Christmas Party season is the busiest time of the year for entertainers in Toronto. Those booking entertainment for company christmas parties should consider booking early to  avoid missing out on the select entertainers in Toronto and the GTA. Toronto Magician Timothy Drake recommends booking holiday party entertainment early as he has to turn down numerous booking dates each November as they fill up by late October.

Company Party Entertainment in Toronto

Corporate Magician Timothy Drake Audience Reactions

Magician Timothy Drake in Toronto

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake

Another Giant Hologram Projection featured at Press Conference

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake created a custom holographic projector for a special event press conference in Toronto Ontario. The holographic presentation included a 3D illusion displaying special effects to announce the expansion of China Unicom Corporation into the Canadian Market. Drake has been providing custom special effects and illusion for    corporate events and promotions for over 15 years. The holographic effect was first used by Drake  in his Shriners Haunted Mansion project to project life sized ghostly images.

Large 3D Hologram Projection

Large Hologram projected in mid air.

Large Sized Holograpic Projection

Extra Large Hologram Projection

Magic Show in London Ontario

Toronto Illusionist Timothy Drake performs his unique magic and illusion at corporate and private events mostly in the Toronto and GTA. Drake entertains across Canada as well and recently Drake performed a magic show  in London Ontario.

Timothy Drake performing an Illusion

Magician Timothy Drake performing a pretty cool card in balloon trick.

Magical Vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges on Lake Manitou

The thing about being a illusionist is that even when you are not working you still are.  Toronto corporations book Timothy Drake well in advance so the corporate entertainer has to be on call and available to speak to show clients anytime anywhere. This includes vacation time.  Even on a relaxing vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges ( check out their blog here )on Lake Manitou a  professional performer has to be ready to take a call from a  perspective client.

Boating at Timberlane Rustic Lodges

Booking a show while on vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges

Toronto Wedding Magician Timothy Drake

Its June in Toronto and that means its Wedding Season for Toronto Wedding Magician Timothy Drake. Timothy who specializes in corporate magic and entertainment at special events in Toronto finds that in recent years the demand for quality yet original entertainment at weddings in Toronto is on the rise. Timothy Drakes wedding package includes magic and illusions specifically chosen from his act best suited for family audiences and weddings. The show features many illusions which include several members of the wedding party as volunteers. Its a show that neither wedding guests or the bride and groom will ever forget.

Wedding Magician in Toronto and GTA

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performs for the bride!

“A phenomenal find! I couldn’t find a magician that was available, good, and non-creepy until I found Tim! Tim is actually an illusionist, but, hey, he did tricks so he’s a magician to me! I hired him solely based on his web site and he did not disappoint! The guests loved him! He was easy to work with, prompt, and went above and beyond what we’d agreed to. Because he had a minimum 2 hour booking to travel, but I only needed him for an hour and a half during cocktails, he said he’d stay and do a special trick for me and one for my dad right before dinner. Well, we ran a bit behind and didn’t want to hold dinner up so he stayed until everyone was settled in with their dinner to do the tricks. Far beyond the 2 hour mark. And his tricks were fantastic. I participated in one where he folded a napkin into a rose and then proceeded to have me control it as it floated in mid-air! I didn’t know what was going on! He then did one with my dad the end result being my dad’s shirt disappearing! Hilarious! Honestly, a great illusionist and a fantastic guy! 10/10”
Review posted on The Frugal Bride

“Timothy told us we would remember his attendance at our wedding for the rest of our lives, and he was right! Our guests were thoroughly surprised and entertained for his entire performance, from his table side illusions to his stage performance. Many of our vendors reminded us what wedding guests remember more than centerpieces and appetizers is the entertainment and let me tell you, we would really recommend hiring Timothy for your event instead of getting those extra linens or crab cakes! It wasn’t “creepy magic”, kids birthday party magic” nor was Tim tired of what he did. My uncle commented he seemed as excited to perform for us as we were to watch him. I’m very happy with my decision to give Timothy a call.”

Neil Mohan, Groom

The Perils of performing magic on live tv.

A while back I was asked to perform on a local cable tv show. When performing magic on television it is best to make sure the camera crew know what is going to happen so they can be prepared to get the best shots. For example…. if you are going to make something appear in your hands at a certain moment a close up of your face at the moment instead of where the object appeared is not the idea camera shot. If you are going to make something vanish .. the same goes. It is for this reason that I like request a quick run through of my act for the tv cameras before going live.

One particular show felt this was not necessary and would not take the time to do a dry run through. BIG MISTAKE!  When it came time to go live I was to start the act and there was no music playing. I waited patiently for the music to start and after a minute someone realized the studio speakers were not on so they switched them on and my music came blaring on ( because they had kept turning up the volume ) and was half over. I had to request they start over so I could start from the beginning of the music.

The next act I performed was one I regularly perform for my live corporate magic audiences. I cause several hula hoops to magically link and  unlink. When I perform my own show I wear a wireless headset microphone. The studio I was performing in that day only used wired mics so when it came time for me to step into a hula hoop and pull it up over my head to link it to another…. it got caught on the wire that was connected from my mic to the studio. So much for that act as I had to stop right there with a tangle of wires wrapped up in my hoops. The rest of the show went in a similar fashion.

After the show the producer asked me if we could reshoot the segment so it was correct for the follow up broadcasts. Now that they knew what the act involved … the second taping went flawlessly. A simple run through in the beginning would have prevented this and for that reason I never perform magic  on live television unless the directed has seen a rehearsal or knows my act.

What to do? What to do?

Several years ago I was backstage only minutes until I went on stage to perform my magic act at a corporate event and as I quickly changed I noticed that I had not packed my black dress socks. I wear a somewhat gothic style tux when I perform and going on stage with a black tuxedo and white socks was NOT going to happen. Worse still off course would be wearing no socks. What to do ? What to do?  A quick inquiry with the events DJ revealed he carried a roll of black gaffers tape ( sort of like a duct tape made of cloth) in his road case.  I put the white socks on and  then quickly wrapped my ankles in black gaffers tape so the odd time my pant leg lifted above my show only black could be seen and it would look like I was wearing black socks.  It worked perfectly. Oh the glory of showbiz! 😉  To this day since then I always make sure to pack black socks before I leave for a show.

So the next time someone tells you to watch a magicians hands very closely … you might want to take a closer look at his ankles as well. LOL

The long road to ” full time” magic.

I recently was booked for a corporate magic show in the ballroom of a nearby hotel. I have played that room several times and it always give me a bit of extra satisfaction to perform my illusion show there. When I first started to make Timothy Drake – Magician a full time career I soon found out it wasn’t so easy. Getting enough bookings to pay all the bills was not something you did over night. A regular day job would interfere with any shows I might possibly book so that was out of the question. The only answer was a night job so that even if I had a show to perform I would still be available in the evening for the work that paid the bills. I took a job with the National Post delivering to both residential and commercial clients late at night.  I usually started work at 2:30 am and finished by 6 am.  This was not a fun job in the winter when you had to deal with the elements of working outdoors at night. I stuck with it as I had a dream I hoped to reach and this job was one of the steps I had to take to reach that dream. For 3 years I delivered papers in hopes of someday reaching that goal. One of my nightly stops was a hotel where I delivered a stack of free papers to the front desk for guests to enjoy the next day. Each night I’d pass by the hotels ballroom entrance and tell myself… ” I’m delivering papers here now but someday I’ll be performing in this ballroom.” Years later after I was able to quit the night job and become a full time performer thats exactly what happened. I was booked by a corporate client to perform in that very same ballroom and as I exited the room after a successful show I looked over to the front desk and noticed what was left of the previous nights stack of newspapers and I remembered my earlier promise to myself. It was a good feeling.

Magical Booking Dates for Holiday Events in Toronto

As a corporate magician in Toronto, one of my busy booking seasons is the Christmas season when toronto corporations  and event planners are looking for illusionists as entertainment at their holiday or year end party. I’m am sure its the same for most entertainers as well as for magicians in toronto but each year there are always one or two dates on the calendar that I call ” magic dates”. Magic Dates are the dates that for some reason ( because the stars all aligned or whatever ) that every client wants. Usually I will hear from a client months in advance on a certain date. Once it is booked I will hear from numerous other clients all wanting the very same date. Not the day before or the day after but the very same date. This year I turned the same date down at least 10 times but true to the formula never got a single call for the day before or the day after. In a perfect world some of those I heard from would be hosting their event on either the day before or after to help fill my calendar but for some reason that never happens once a ” magic date” is set in stone.

So a helpful hint to any future clients who may be considering hiring entertainment at a special event in Toronto during the busy Christmas holiday season…. BOOK EARLY if you want to be the winner of the ” magic date” and be sure of getting a quality entertainer for your event.

Magician Timothy Drake Levitates an Audience Member

Performing at a corporate after dinner event Magician Timothy Drake levitates a woman from the audience. This magic illusion is presented as part of Timothys banquet shows, wedding magic shows and at special events in Toronto and Ontario.

Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake floats a woman in the air.

Magician Timothy Drake performing at corporate banquet in Toronto.

Magicians normally don’t allow video taping at my shows but in this day of iphones its pretty hard to control. At a recent corporate banquet show I performed in Toronto an audience member recorded a segment of my show and then sent it to me. I enjoyed watching it and listening to the audience reaction so I posted it on youtube. Listen closely and you will hear someone in the audience banging their fist on their table in laughter.