Ontario Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake having fun with show volunteers.

South Western Ontario Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake never lets a moment of fun pass by without making it part of the entertainment factor in his corporate event or family event shows in Toronto and across Ontario. Quite often during Drakes magical performance moments of silliness break out and the Toronto Illusionist is not afraid to let them run their course. This photo taken in Brampton Ontario reflects some of those hilarious moments.

Comedy Magician in Ontario Canada.

Clean Comedy Magician Timothy Drake has some fun with magic show volunteers on stage.

Experienced Toronto Magician Entertains on all levels across Southwestern Ontario

Professional Magician and Illusionist Timothy Drake performs a very unique and professional magic show for special events, galas, corporate banquets, galas and family events. Drake has been a corporate entertainer in Toronto and the surrounding area for over 15 years. During that time Timothy has logged thousands of hrs in front of audiences and has used that experience to build a show designed to entertain on all levels.

” Its about connecting with the audience” says Drake. The audience has to like the magician to the point they are willing to lower their guard and simply enjoy the magic rather than seeing it as a challenge.  The Toronto Illusionist performs many original illusions in his show which is heavy on audience participation. Audience members become part of the show at several points during the magical presentation.

Timothy has performed across Canada but entertains primary in Southwestern Ontario including Toronto, London, Windsor, Guelph, Kitchener, Sarnia, Mississauga, Oakville, Owen Sound and many more cities across the province.

Toronto Magician, Illusionist

Professional Magician and Illusionist in Toronto

Collingwood Magician for Corporate and Special Events – Canadian Illusionist Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a special events entertainer in Collingwood and  Ontario Canada. The Toronto Illusionist travels southwestern ontario performing at corporate events, banquets, dinners, fundraisers and special events. Timothy Drake has been a professional magician in Canada for over 15 years. His interest in the magical arts began long before that but Drake spent years perfecting his act to a point he decided to become a full time professional magician in the corporate market.

Drakes magic show included a lot of amazement, drama, laughs, comedy and audience participation. It is guaranteed to impress any audience and will be something that is long remembered by those who see it. Event planners across Toronto and the GTA choose Timothy Drake when quality matters.

Recent southwestern ontario magic shows include performances in London, North York, Collingwood, Newmarket, Guleph, Kitchener, Brampton, Barrie, Sarnia and Windsor.

Collingwood Magician Timothy Drake

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake performs across Southwestern Ontario including Collingwood.

North York Magician – Illusionist Timothy Drake

North York Magician Timothy Drake is a corporate illusionist who performs primarily for as entertainment for corporate events in Toronto and the GTA. Timothy also performs at private functions and special events across Ontario, Canada. The Toronto Illusionist presents a combination of magic, illusion, drama, comedy , presentation skills and audience participation in his magic shows. After performing professionally for 15 years Drake has learned from experience exactly what it takes to draw an audience into the magic of the moment.

Timothy Drakes recent performance have included magic shows in Toronto, the GTA, Mississauga, North York, Vaughan, Oshawa, London, Sarnia, Windsor  and Hamilton.

Magician in North York Ontario. Timothy Drake

North York Magician Timothy Drake bends a wine glass in a woman’s hand.

Magician in Windsor – Corporate Magician Timothy Drake

Windsor Magician Timothy Drake offers professional entertainment for corporate and special events across southwestern ontario Canada. This corporate entertainer in Toronto offers a blend of magic, illusion, drama, comedy and audience participation in his after dinner show  played at corporate banquets, dinners and special events.

As a professional Illusionist Drake entertains audiences of all sizes, backgrounds and ages. The show is fit for both corporate and family audiences. Drake performs across Ontario and recent shows have included magic performances in Toronto, the GTA, Scarborough, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, London, Sarnia and Windsor Ontario.

Magician in Windsor Timothy Drake

Windsor Magician Timothy Drake performs a levitation with an audience member.

Corporate Event Entertainment in Toronto – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake often asks members of his magic show audience to join him on stage to help in performing an illusion. Timothy likes to blend both original and amazing magic in his corporate after dinner banquet shows. This Toronto Illusionist presents his show at corporate special events and banquets in the Toronto and GTA as well as across south western ontario. Sometimes audience members  may be a bit timid about joining Drake on stage as they fear they will be embarrassed or made to look foolish. ” I’d never do such a thing” Drake says. ” I share some clean fun with some of them but for the most part its about making them the stars of the show.” In the photo below a volunteer who was at first skeptical is amazed at the magic that literally happens in her own hands.

Toronto Corporate Event Entertainment - Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake performs at a corporate special event.

Magician in London Ontario – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is an corporate entertainer in the London Ontario to Toronto and GTA area. Timothy performs his magic and illusion as after dinner entertainment at corporate banquets and special events across Ontario. Drakes magic show has been seen in Ontario cities like London, Ottawa, Sarnia, Guelph, Kitchener, Mississauga and Toronto including the GTA.

Magician in London Ontario

Magician Timothy Drake shares a laugh during a magic show near London Ontario

London Ontario Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake is a magician and illusionist who performs at corporate banquets and special events across Ontario Canada including Toronto, London, the GTA, Brampton, Sarnia and any other city in South Western Ontario. Timothy performs original magic and illusions rarely seen by Ontario audiences. The magic show is interactive and often involves  audience participation. Drake’s show is featured as after dinner entertainment throughout Canada and Ontario.

Drakes London roots go back to 1999 when he created the Shriners Haunted Mansion for the London Shrine Club.

London Ontario Magician

Magician in London Ontario

Magician Timothy Drake meets the King at London Ontario Magic Show.

Illusionist Timothy Drake has the honour of working with many talented performers in his magic career. Drake performs magic and illusions at special events and corporate events across Ontario and Canada, but primarily in the Toronto and South Western Ontario region. At a recent magic show in London, Ontario Magician Timothy Drake met up with Matt Elvis Martin. A very talented Elvis Impersonator in London.  Matt worked the crowd close up performing many of the Kings classics. It was a performance enjoyed by all in attendance.

Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake meets Elvis in London Ontario

Corporate Magician Entertainer in Toronto – Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake specializes as a corporate entertainer in Toronto and the GTA for corporate audiences of all sizes. Timothy presents an illusion and magic show that offers a blend of magic and illusion with touch of drama, comedy and story telling. Audience participation plays a big part in Timothy’s corporate magic show as it’s Drakes way of connecting to his audience. Drakes after dinner banquet show is perfect for any corporate event or banquet in the Toronto area including as entertainment for company christmas parties in Toronto.

Magician Timothy Drake also designs and develops special effects for corporate press events and trade shows.

Corporate Magician in Toronto Ontario

Toronto Corporate Magician Timothy Drake

Company Christmas Party Entertainment in Toronto

When it comes to the month of October the holiday most people think of is of course Halloween. However the holiday Toronto companies should be thinking of now is Christmas. The Company Christmas Party season is the busiest time of the year for entertainers in Toronto. Those booking entertainment for company christmas parties should consider booking early to  avoid missing out on the select entertainers in Toronto and the GTA. Toronto Magician Timothy Drake recommends booking holiday party entertainment early as he has to turn down numerous booking dates each November as they fill up by late October.

Company Party Entertainment in Toronto

Corporate Magician Timothy Drake Audience Reactions

Magician Timothy Drake in Toronto

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake

Magician Timothy Drake

Magical Vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges on Lake Manitou

The thing about being a illusionist is that even when you are not working you still are.  Toronto corporations book Timothy Drake well in advance so the corporate entertainer has to be on call and available to speak to show clients anytime anywhere. This includes vacation time.  Even on a relaxing vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges ( check out their blog here )on Lake Manitou a  professional performer has to be ready to take a call from a  perspective client.

Boating at Timberlane Rustic Lodges

Booking a show while on vacation at Timberlane Rustic Lodges

Magical Booking Dates for Holiday Events in Toronto

As a corporate magician in Toronto, one of my busy booking seasons is the Christmas season when toronto corporations  and event planners are looking for illusionists as entertainment at their holiday or year end party. I’m am sure its the same for most entertainers as well as for magicians in toronto but each year there are always one or two dates on the calendar that I call ” magic dates”. Magic Dates are the dates that for some reason ( because the stars all aligned or whatever ) that every client wants. Usually I will hear from a client months in advance on a certain date. Once it is booked I will hear from numerous other clients all wanting the very same date. Not the day before or the day after but the very same date. This year I turned the same date down at least 10 times but true to the formula never got a single call for the day before or the day after. In a perfect world some of those I heard from would be hosting their event on either the day before or after to help fill my calendar but for some reason that never happens once a ” magic date” is set in stone.

So a helpful hint to any future clients who may be considering hiring entertainment at a special event in Toronto during the busy Christmas holiday season…. BOOK EARLY if you want to be the winner of the ” magic date” and be sure of getting a quality entertainer for your event.