Black Beauty

About the 3rd or 4th year I did the Shriners Haunted Mansion we got a call from some very nice people who owned a junkyard ( or.. auto recycling yard as they call them these days ). They had this very nice car that they thought we might like to have as gift for the Haunted Mansion. They were RIGHT!

Black Beauty as I found her

There was one little problem. The hearse had been junked in the first place because the front end had been burned off. Now that is not a problem for a determined illusionist who has friends who can weld! The junk yard ( er… ah.. auto recycling people ) gave us the front end of a Lincoln to weld onto the back end of our Cadillac. We called the finished product a Clinkon but more affectionately called her Black Beauty. Below you can see the before and after pics.

Two Cars become one.

I can’t find any photos of the car in the Mansion but I do have this one of its driver.

Everyone was just dying to drive Black Beauty.