Another Giant Hologram Projection featured at Press Conference

Toronto Magician Timothy Drake created a custom holographic projector for a special event press conference in Toronto Ontario. The holographic presentation included a 3D illusion displaying special effects to announce the expansion of China Unicom Corporation into the Canadian Market. Drake has been providing custom special effects and illusion for    corporate events and promotions for over 15 years. The holographic effect was first used by Drake  in his Shriners Haunted Mansion project to project life sized ghostly images.

Large 3D Hologram Projection

Large Hologram projected in mid air.

Large Sized Holograpic Projection

Extra Large Hologram Projection

Holographic Projections Times Two

It proved to be a very busy summer for Magician Timothy Drake as he raced to complete two separate holographic projector kiosks in his workshop. Both holographic exhibits were commissioned by corporations who purchased them to exhibit at several trade shows. Drake Entertainment Inc, parent company of Trade Show Holograms designed and constructed the hologram projectors pictured below.

Holographic Projection

3D Holographic Images

3D Holographic Projector

3D Hologram projection

Holographic Projection

3D Hologram floats in mid air.

Large Sized Hologram Projector exhibited at Trade Show

Back in 1977 when I was bitten by the Star Wars bug the imagery of the Princess Leia Hologram really impressed me. Little did I know that Holograms would be such a large part of my career. As a corporate magician have designed many an illusion or special effect for corporations across North America but the Trade Show Hologram effect has  been the most popular. Recently I returned to the Space Symposium Trade Show held in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. I had created a small hologram display for Northrop Grumman back in 2007 and in 2012 Boeing asked me to build them a very large display to show off their new 702 series of small platform satellites. The holographic satellite floating in mid air was 10 ft across from end to end. Not exactly a life sized hologram but all the booth space would allow. 😉 It was probably my favourite of all the holograms I have created as it looked so cool floating in front of a background of stars.

Large Sized Hologram Projection

Large Scale Hologram at Trade Show

Large Sized 3D Hologram Display

For many years magician Timothy Drake utilized a 3D Holographic project effect at the Shriners Haunted Mansion to created the virtual ghost special effects seen wandering its spooky halls. The illusion of objects floating in mid air is created for the viewer. That special effect eventually found its way into multiple trade shows across North America. Recently Toronto Magician Timothy Drake was asked to recreate that effect but in a much larger scale for a corporate client in Ottawa, Ontario. Objects up to 10 feet wide appeared, floated and vanished in mid air.  Fellow London Magician Peter Mennie joined Timothy in Ottawa for the two day build. It proved a very large ( pardon the pun) success.

Holographic Trade Show Display

In addition to performing at corporate functions and special events in across Canada, Magician Timothy Drake also designs  builds custom special effects and illusions for corporations in North America. Here is a holographic trade show display featured at a past trade show. Drake has designed several sizes and variations of this particular effect that have been seen across both the USA and Canada.