Documenting a Magic Legends Life – The Walter Zaney Blaney Story

Several years ago myself and fellow magician Ryan Joyce decided to embark on the journey of sharing some of the life of Walter Blaney on video.  If you know Walter personally you would have had the honour of being able to hear some wonderful stories from his 60 years in the magic business personally.  It only made sense that these stories be shared so future generations of magicians  and magic historians can experience them also.

Walter is best known in the magic world as the inventor of the famous Ladder Levitation Illusion. In this chapter of the documentary series titled ” Still Zaney After All These Years ” Walter tells the story of how after a very successful run performing his illusion exclusively he decided to pass the performing rights on to Illusionist David Copperfield. This chapter includes commentary from David  Copperfield, Lance Burton and Magic Magazine Editor Stan Allen. To keep updated on additional chapters as they are added you can subscribe to the youtube channel or like the official Facebook page.

Ladder Levitation Illusion

I performed a show last night and one of the best illusions if not THE BEST illusion I performed was the Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation. Its an illusion developed by magician and good friend Walter Blaney. Of all the levitation illusions on the market for magicians theses days ( and I have seen a lot of them ) the ladder levitation remains the most practical for me. It allows me to levitate a member of the audience when I perform at corporate banquets..etc.  Last evening I was able to close my show by levitating a woman only a few feet in front of the audience. We were in tight quarters and yet this illusion proved again to be an amazing fooler.  At times like that I have to concede that Magician Timothy Drake would not be nearly as amazing in his show if not for inventor Walter Blaney. Thanks to all those inventors of  magic that make the performers look good!

Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation

The Official Ladder Levitation Website

Walter Zaney Blaney

Many performers come and go in the magic world but few make such an impact in their art to the level that Walter “Zaney” Blaney has. Walter Blaney is a legend amoung magicians and the inventor of many great magic illusions. I am happy to own some of those illusions and feature them in my magic performances across Canada. Walters most famous illusion would of course be the Ladder Levitation Illusion. I’ve been lucky to have Walter as a close personal friend and mentor for many years and both my career and personal life have benefited from that greatly. This is my very favourite photo of Walter. I have a signed copy of it hanging in my living room.

Walter Zaney Blaney

Walter Zaney Blaney